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Liz Harvey 2016 Calendar

Years of modeling and decades of being a woman allows (or forces) one to be observant of not only one’s own body, but icons as symbols reflecting societal standings or communities. With this backbone, I took the idea of marketing women – often their sexuality – in the contemporary historical context of a calendar. Creating all looks based on representations of types of characters I personally find inspiring, or have an established relationship with; I styled and designed looks, photos, aesthetics, with the hope of conveying a sense of authenticity and reality. Each life explored, each look presented, each woman showcased, stands on their own as encapsulations of the marketing of or to a specific lifestyle.

By creating this calendar, I aim to inspire anyone of any gender to reflect on what symbols represent what attributes when they are placed in different contexts. More than this I hope this inspires people to play with self definition and aesthetics and feel confident experimenting with creating their own aesthetic, imagery, or brand.

I am currently based in downtown Chicago. As always, I am available for modeling or acting opportunities, film or video work. I would like to thank Pat & Mike for helping me capture images to meet my hyper-specific intentions.


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