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Liz Harvey is an actress, model, video babe, and internet personality based in Chicago IL.

For booking or general inquiry please EMAIL:

For hair or work updates please click thru to follow Liz on Instagram & Tumblr.

To get to know more there is always Twitter and YouTube.

You can shop Liz Harvey's closet here, or if you are so inclined, you can add to it here.

Full Filmography

V/H/S (2012)
ABC’s of Death(2012)
RedRed (2015)
White Cop (2014)
127 Condiments (2015)
Psychopomp (2016)
Triumph, IL (2016)

Sheila Rashid SS11 Editorial- Cam Be (2010)
Kidz In The Hall -Break It Down (2011)
Ten Photos - Untitled (Editorial) (2011)
NBC First Look - Anna Hovet Segment (2011)
Paul Brooks- Web Cam Video With Liz (2011)
6th Annual Model And Photographer Meet up -Nick Brazinski (2011)
Make Me A Star (Editorial) - kokakolapop (2011)
Annie Jane Bridal Fashion Editorial - Andrew Brady (2011)
F You(Editorial)- Kokakolapop (2011)

Red 7 Salon Photoshoot “Raw Innovation” (2012)
Nick Brazinski - Liz Harvey Motion Editorial (2012)
Joshua Miller (2012 Short-Unreleased)
Nathan Xander-I’ll Try to Be Good (2012)
Supreme Cuts (2012-Unrealeased)- HYSTK
Gus Gavino - BHave(2012)

Gus Gavino/Rubbish is Gold - Glass Lux (2013)
Riff Raff - Kokayne (2014)
A Cosmic Drama- Mike McLenighan (2015)
LazerHawk-Electric Groove- Jake Myers (2015)
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